Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Why are rents in Highpoint Senior Living apartments so much lower than for retirement apartments offered by companies like McCarthy & Stone and Churchill Retirement Living? Is there any compromise on quality or lifestyle?

McCarthy & Stone and Churchill Retirement Living are housebuilding companies, first and foremost. Like all housebuilders in the UK, they have to fund the very high land acquisition and construction costs of developing new sites. These costs then have to be passed on to residents through high monthly rental charges.

At Highpoint Senior Living, we develop apartments within established retirement communities, which is much more cost effective. Our apartments are fully renovated to meet and exceed the standards in newbuild units offered by the retirement housebuilding companies. Most of our retirement complexes were originally built by McCarthy & Stone, and as a Highpoint Senior Living resident you have access to all the same facilities and services as the owner occupiers and those renting directly from McCarthy & Stone do. Indeed, as a resident in a Highpoint Senior Living apartment you may find yourself living next door to someone who is paying far higher rent than you are for exactly the same apartment!

Is a rental apartment with Highpoint Senior Living really my own home, as it would be if I owned it?


Highpoint Senior Living has been established to provide high quality, affordable and long-term rental homes for people in later life. As a professional corporate landlord, we are focused on the long term and want our residents to stay with us for as long as possible.

Provided you meet the terms of your tenancy agreement, your home will be yours for as long as you want it.  

Do I have to pay separate service charges and ground rents like owner occupiers do?

No. Service charges and ground rents are included within your monthly rent.

Will my rent charges increase with inflation?

Yes. Because we expect our residents to remain in their homes for many years, we cannot keep up with inflation by relying on adjusting the rent each time a tenant moves out and a new one moves in, like private landlords do with high turnover apartments. We also have to cover the increases in service charges and ground rents that can be expected over time.

Each year your rent will be increased by the level of the Retail Prices Index (RPI), subject to a minimum of 3% and a maximum of 7.5%. RPI is a measure of inflation published by the Office for National Statistics and used to set social housing rent increases. 

A member of our staff will contact you a couple of months before your tenancy period ends to arrange for the continuation of the tenancy, provided you want to stay in the apartment.   

What fees do you charge?

We always ensure that any fees are completely aligned with legislation, and that means that since the 1st June 2019 we no longer charge any referencing fees.

You will still be required to pay a security deposit and your first month’s rent up front.

Can I decorate my apartment?

You are welcome to make your home feel like your own by decorating, but we do ask that you get written permission from us first before making significant changes such as painting or wallpapering.

Any changes to the property need to be returned back to their original state at your own expense before you move out, unless agreed otherwise with our team. This is to make sure that whoever moves in after you gets the same blank canvas to enjoy!

Do you cover any maintenance issues?

We ask that you maintain your home as best you can and try and attend to small issues like changing lightbulbs etc yourself.

If something does go wrong that you can’t fix yourself, please report this to a member of our staff.

As long as any problems aren’t caused by misuse or resident damage, you can rest assured that Highpoint Senior Living will foot the bill to make sure you’re comfortable and happy in your home.

All maintenance of areas external to your apartment (communal lounges and gardens etc) is the responsibility of the management company and paid for through the service charge which is included within your rent.

Does the apartment come furnished?

The majority of our apartments are unfurnished, as our residents usually prefer to bring their own furniture and possessions.

However we have partnered with furnishing companies to provide exclusive deals on furniture packs to rent and purchase. Please ask a member of our staff if you require furniture for your apartment.

Will my deposit be protected?

Yes. Highpoint Senior Living is a member of Deposit Protection Service (identification number: 4435136) which is authorised by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government.

Is Highpoint Senior Living a member of The Property Ombudsman Scheme?

Yes. Membership number: T06272

Is smoking permitted?

No, smoking is not allowed in the apartments or communal areas.

Can I bring my pet to live with me in the apartment

Yes, pets are permitted in most of our retirement complexes. If you wish to bring a pet to live with you in your apartment please let our staff know.